211112 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Singing practice video after a long time🎤”

Singing practice video after a long time🎤

Original “Love and Soul” movie! 🎥
Molly’s solo song With you✨

“I found your shirt in the morning.
Why did I do that??
When the laundry man asks how you’re doing,
I cried then. “I cried”.

“I picked up your shirts this morning
I don’t know why,
Mr Reynolds said to say hello
I started to cry,,,,,”

My beloved lover Sam died in an accident.
Molly left alone in the house she lived with. Now I have to overcome it alone, but all the memories with him are full.

“You took my hopes with you
Took my dreams with you”

It’s a slow and emotional song where you have to control your breathing well, right?
Especially for me who lacks the strength to support my breathing, I learned a lot while practicing this song.😆 Just a little bit of practice video for the concert to make it more complete by continuing to practice. 🍂

Translation via Papago