[TRANS] 220124 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “While living in New York, I had a hard time adjusting to the dry air”

Our three siblings, let’s fly this year!🥰

#Moonkyung #DurokBarbecue Party.

Thanks to Chef Son, I was so happy. I’m going to upload the behind cut. Reveal a little bit of Mungyeong Life where Lulu enjoys summer vacation.

(Filming the 2021 RUN PABET)

I love you. Thank you always!✨



Malicious dry skin in winter #30s ‼️

While living in New York, I had a hard time adjusting to the dry air in my house.
Humidifier & air purifier, full operation for 24 hours (ventilation for 30 minutes in the morning/night ‼ /) +
I’ve been trying to replenish as much moisture as possible, proper humidity, and temperature control, but I don’t think I’ll get better when it’s dry. It feels like my body is drying out like a desert without moisture. Why am I like this? But still! Massage and apply moisturizing cream every morning and evening ✨✨

I’m 30 years old in Korean age now too🤣

Translation via Papago (sorry guys, i don’t have the time to do them myself)

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