220417 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “I’ll cherish you more and love you more”

“Looking around, the best thing is
Being with you

You are the person who gives me a happiness.
Even if my path is rough and far,
“You’re the one who makes me happy”

Have a safe trip. @qwerwls95

I’ll let my grandmother walk only on flower roads💕🌸
I grew up in my grandmother’s arms since I was young and she supported me to do music from my trainee days until now. 💜 She is a very precious and thankful person to me who always supports me with prayers and comforts me with love✨☺  I was worried when I left my grandmother for the first time and went to work far away. All parents and grandmothers would feel the same way, right?
You’re always worried about your health, but I’ll eat well and endure it and come back. I’m sorry that I couldn’t take care of you properly because I was studying and working at the same time as an adult, but I’ll cherish you more and love you more. I really respect and love you. ✨ #GrandmotherIloveyou♥ #Stayhealthyforalongtime


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