[TRANS] 220629 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “I’ve missed my precious MeU and friends💜💜”

Today is my 3rd day of swimming.. Whoa I’m really bad at it hehehe I wanna be good at swimming!!!🐣👙 #umpahumpah #iwanttobegoodatswimming

Unnie respects me🍑 @qwerwls95

I’m going swimming one hour a day, 5 times a week!!

I’ve missed my precious MeU and friends💜💜 I came to Korea for a bit and saw my family whom I’ve missed.. I’m returning soon and will spend a long time preparing for my performances!🤩😎 It’s my first time working overseas for a long time so I’m very busy every day.. Beside being lonely.. I truly try to get over it. I struggle with English every day and I feel intimidated because I can’t understand it, but my strong right arm has been of great help! haha Luna will keep going!! See you on the 2022 New York Broadway stage! @kpopbroadway #luna #mwe