[TRANS] 220813 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “I’ll do my best so I can be with my fans next year”

Thank you KPOP broadway family💕💿 We all gathered to support Helen unnie for her concert next Tuesday☺️✨ Please come lots to @thehelenpark‘s concert on 8.16!! I’ll be appearing as well hehe Ahing I’m so thrilled! I’ll go another announcement about the performance~ Thank you to my friends who sent me cake and flowers for my birthday, from far away. I’ll work hard learning, acting and performing in the US and return. Be healthy everyone, I love you 💜❤️☀️ To my fans who have been waiting, I’ll work hard preparing and I’ll repay you with good performances, thank you always 💜💿

August 12 2022💜 I’ll do my best so I can be with my fans next year, have a good day💜


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