[TRANS] 220819 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Summer is ending, let’s move!”

You must try this restaurant in New Jersey..
People who love barbecue, you must go🔥❤️

French fries… They were so good..🤩🤩

#NewJerseyRestaurant #AmericanRestaurant #BarbecueRestaurant

Really good restaurant! I heard that this place is famous for meat sandwiches but I couldn’t eat it because I went on a weekday ㅠㅠ But the signature salad and coffee.. It’s really incredibly delicious! Personally, I don’t eat salad much because I’m sick of diets, but I can’t hold back when I see one.. I’m curious about other menu items, so I’m going to go buy it again!☺️

I’m going to eat a sandwich this weekend!✨🥪
#NewJerseyRestaurant 🔥

Summer is ending, let’s move!

Those women from Broadway KPOP! Broadway-ya, we’re coming soon

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