[TRANS] 220827 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Until the day my breathing becomes perfectly stable, aja aja aja Luna!”

Looking at those who work positively and happily,
I feel a new stimulus every day. I hope everyone knows this cool person who has a lot to learn! Our Sam who has the best styling but has a special mind! Hurry up and come up with a new inspiration! I’m happy! With @sammyratelle 💜🔥

Mark and Nathaniel, thank you for your beautiful makeup

I’m really glad I got to sing with @.thehelenpark unnie💕 I love you..🔥 @jackie.moyle whose art even captured the details of my fingers!! Thank you so much!!

I really really like this art.. So I saved it..😍

Introducing the actors who will be in New York Broadway’s musical ‘KPOP’.🔥🔥

Everyone, the New York Broadway tricket box is having a discount only for today ㅠㅠ It’s awesome.. Totally go to the ticket box and get them😍🔥🔥

It’s practically impossible to go swimming 5 times a week, but while swimming 3 times I week I also do breathing exercises, workouts and stretching in the water. I met a good swimming teacher in Korea so I’m now closer to the cold water. But of course I love warm water🏖💦

When I was little, my dad told me the basics of singing are breathing and vocalization and not to ignore them and always practice them. While living as an idol, I had to dance and sing at the same time and I would get short of breath. So I gradually used chest breathing, and I felt my vocal cords and body break down. So lately, I’ve been practicing one by one with the mindset of “Let’s stick to the basics.”

Until the day my breathing becomes perfectly stable, aja aja aja Luna! It’s practice! Practice! But, happily and thankfully.

I got our own tumbler heh I tend to spill this and that.. I will totally use it well heh 💜💜

Pink pants and beige bodysuit, my favorite💕

My (body) line looks good when dancing so it’s quite pretty🌟🔥☺️💜

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