[TRANS] 220910 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “It’s like a dream to be able to focus entirely on this precious work”

The translation below starts from the 2nd paragraph in Korean, the first was translated by her in the same post

If I think about it now, it’s so cute and foolish. But now I think my voice is precious. I’m improving my sound and going further. If you watch my performance this time, I feel like it will have changed so much that you won’t be able to imagine how much I practiced. I was able to make sounds systematically since I was young, and if someone had taught me how to check my physical condition and sing smartly, I wouldn’t have wandered for this long. I do have some regrets about not giving up singing, but now that doesn’t help me at all. There’s only one now!
Fill our stage with passion and preciousness.

All these miracles are thanks to my family, my beloved Giovanni, my beloved fans, and the KPOP family. I love you.

Sit in the practice room and look around for a while.
I just look at it. That’s all. But I feel some miraculous happiness inside me. I think I can do something. I’m not alone, so we’re all here together, so I don’t have to compete with anyone. It’s like a dream to be able to focus entirely on this precious work that we create together.

Today’s meal time while recording 🔥
When I was preparing for Rebecca in the past, I was so grateful and thankful that Joohyun unnie would give me a meal or snack before I stood on stage, saying, “You have to eat well.” At that time, I couldn’t take good care of my body because I was doing idol activities. Now I can take care of my health! I’m taking care of myself with more responsibility.

I always remember how thankful I am now and then. Thank you. @o._.julia

Swimming+stretching every morning at 6:30 for 1 hour

I’m practicing in New York so I can’t be with my family now. Everyone, happy Chuseok!! I’m preparing for my stages well, I miss you

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