200527 f(Amber) = Eagle and The Albatross Instagram Update

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Michael Zegarski plays Patrick, the local undertaker who is also the teen golf coach! ⁣ ⛳️ @michaelzegarski @ajol_llama @jayjaywarren @bryce_romero29 @nataliewislahh @anna_.curtis ⁣ He has very bizarre coaching techniques and comes off as a horrible racist idiot at first – but wait for it…. ⁣ ⁣ Ji-min (played by Amber Liu) might just bring more love to this little golf course. ⁣❤️ ⁣ ⁣ You can see Mike in The NEW Sopranos Movie (The Many Saints of Newark), Wonder Wheel and in our director Angela Shelton's next projects. ⁣Right @angelashelton007 ? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ #eagleandthealbatross #michaelzegarski #angelashelton #amberliu #comedy #golfmovie #golfing #golfing⛳️

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200527 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Happy, proud, Lots of fun all around”

200524 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update

#拦不住的夏天# 受@Kiehls家的骨头先生 邀请,今天作为代言人的宋教练我[嘻嘻]正式担任618科颜氏KIEHL’S“集美家族的闪耀星使”!剁手节将至,本资深少女必须和你种草科颜氏的安白瓶~用了肌肤白到“发光”,在舞台上绽放拦不住的光芒!O5月25日0点,天猫618预售正式开始 ,科颜氏安白瓶将在活动期间享全年最强力度!淘宝搜索“登陆K星岛”,把握机会囤一波!(这个消息只告诉爱美的你)哦对了,记得来O网页链接  为我推荐的安白瓶助力冲榜,白到“发光”,闪耀登顶!#理想生活狂欢季#