[ARTICLE] f(Victoria) = Victoria Won Rookie Drama Award Certified as “Hallyu Acting-Dol”

F(x) member Victoria has unveiled her “Rookie of The Year” trophy in recent selca.

Through her Me2day account on the 15th, Victoria wrote: “Everyone, Victoria got the Rookie of the Year Award from China Drama Festival~Thank you for always loving and supporting me~Please look forward to a better work in the future~♥”

Victoria attached her own photo, posing to the camera with a joyous smile while holding her trophy. Wearing white dress with silvery decor, Victoria charms fans with her feminine and mature look.

Netizens commented: “Rookie of The Year Award, Congratulations!’, “Too beautiful”, “We’re looking forward for your better work”, and “True Hallyu Acting-dol”; showing  various reactions.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s Drama “When Love Walked In”, a modern version of Cinderella story, had been aired on Anhui satellite TV and Dongfeng satellite TV, and also through Samsung satellite TV in China from August 27 to September 11 and took number one spot in viewers rating.

Source: Sports Chosun NewsVictoria’s Me2day

Translated and Edited by: nindababond@valsk.com

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