[TRANS] f(x) 2nd Album ‘Pink Tape’ – Members’ Thanks To’s


The family and friends I love, everyone who helped me and cherished me as well as all the fans, thank you very much.


Trans not needed.

NOTE: Luna’s thanks to is very long and has a lot of names most likely none of us know. I decided to skip some of those names and translate the rest. Sorry.

First(,) thanks to God who gave f(x) the chance to release a second full album. Also(,) my paternal grandmother, maternal grandmother, dad, mom, our Jisoon oppa, Jinyoung unnie, Heeju whom I love ♥ Chang-E and Leejun mother (and) father, Eunjin unnie, Jiseok and our whole family, I love you >•< Lee Sooman teacher and SMTOWN family, always hard-working Kyeongchang oppa, Heongsin oppa, Wonkyun oppa, Hojun oppa, Inho oppa, Jeonga unnie, Heejun unnie, Areum unnie, Yueun unnie ♥ Bear Burger Jaewon oppa, Sanghoon oppa, Jillian teacher, Heejin unnie, I love you Junghee unnie, Jin reporter, Ee reporter, Ku reporter oppa, Jung reporter, Lee Minkyu reporter, Yoonju unnie, Jinoo oppa, Bumin unnie, Eunkyung unnie, Baira (?) Hyejin unnie, Kyungbin unnie, Seungil oppa, Minkyung unnie, Minjung unnie, Seunghee unnie, Jiun unnie, thank you~ Jungyang University period 54 classmates I love you!! Shin Hyungkyu professor, Kang Yongsu professor, Baek Namyoung professor,  Choi Jaeoh professor, Heoyan professor, Seo Junghyun professor, Amazing f(x) Ahn Seonggoon PD, (skipped part because I can’t understand) High School Musical Kim Kyujung director, Minji unnie, Seoknam unnie, Heo Sujin manager, Yang Juin music director, Choi Heeyoung music director, Won Hyeyoung assistant, Shin Sonho choreographer, Jinhye unnie, Lee Giyeol assistant, Dongho oppa, Jaejin oppa, Ryeowook oppa, Seoyeon unnie, Choa unnie, Daehee oppa, Sehun oppa (t/n: not EXO’s Sehun, he’s younger than Luna), Deowon oppa, Kijung oppa, Donghwa oppa, Minhoe oppa (and here I shall skip again because there’s a bunch of names we don’t know. She’s basically thanking everyone). Lastly(,) my precious f(x) members(,) I’m always thankful and sorry(,) I love you♥


First(,) thank you, God. And my family whom I love! Thank you for always being by my side! Our baby Sanee, don’t be sick and grow up healthily, noona loves you^^ Also(,) Lee Sooman teacher and the SM family(,) thank you! Jungah unnie, Yueun unnie, Seongsin oppa, Wonkyun oppa, Hojun oppa, Junghee unnie, Minhee unnie, Jaewon oppa, Sanghoon oppa, Bumin unnie, Jinoo oppa, Hyejung unnie, Hyejin unnie, Kyungbin unnie, Jungyoung unnie who trusted me, thank you^^ Lee Byunghoon director, Park Seungmin father, Kwakseung PD thank you ^__^ No. 1 Heechul oppa, Jiyoungie, Seohyunie, Minho oppa,  Park Cha-nyeolie oppa? ke(,) whom I love, neighbor Dasom unnie, Uh Jiko oppa, whi~te IU unnie!! Gain unnie who I love(,) I’ll cheer you on^^ Yurimie, Jiseonie, Heesonie, Minsoo, Kanghyunie, Bang Taeung,! Thank you^^ Lastly(,) fans(,) thank you!


f(x)’s 2nd full album finally came out~ This time we prepared for a ve~ry long time~ (although these are words we always say^^;) Always thankful to everyone who helped us and had interest in us~ So we’ll continue to show our hard-working appearance. Fans(,) It will be great if you all like our new album~ Always(,) thank you! Also(,) our members worked very hard preparing~^^~

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net, scans credits to Krystal Shock.


6 thoughts on “[TRANS] f(x) 2nd Album ‘Pink Tape’ – Members’ Thanks To’s

    1. I liked Krystal’s thanks to everyone who helped and cherished her. She also thanked the people who love her and all her supporting fans. I hope she included me. Thanks to f(x) for being so talented and beautiful to look at and admire.😍

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