[TRANS] 130818 f(Sulli) = Ceci Korea September Issue – Interview

Q: Your second album stands out with easier and cuter lyrics.

Were pleased saying “it was omniscient view point of a wisdom tooth” Before releasing the song, we were very anticipated about the lyrics coz they were unique and fun.

Q: f(x) songs can be summarized as girl’s growing pain, do you ever think you’ve grown up about a span long recently?

When the awkward moment disappears. I mean smoky make-up didn’t agree with me before, and it seemed like the outfit that wasn’t well-matched with me, but now I’ve found the make-up that’s differently varied from others, and suits me. This may sound a point-blank example, but when I figure out difficult things that become getting used to at some points, I feel like myself a little grown up. That kind of moment seems gradually increasing.

Q: Once all of the comments were plastered with messages with “Sulli Sulli, Sulli is Jinri”

I heard it meant “sulleda (flutter)” as a positive word, I really thank those people who said that as much as I want to hold their hands and greet each of them. (laugh). although I really like compliments, I don’t know what to say now, “what?,, hahaha,, nothing,,”I’m embarrassed to such an extent as not to know where to look at.

Q: Sorry to ask you with your face in blush now, but I can’t help but ask you about diet that’s related to the search of you (in internet)

When it comes to diet, there was time when my tension tends to be loosen. Then, I must not give up easily even if the plan fell through. It was more important to get a grip on my mind again. And it also affected that I had to take care of my little brother coz I spent all day caring about him as I kept standing and moving around to take care of him and I walk and hug him as well. the mamma smile diet really worked (laugh).

Q: What if I gave you a magic wand that would disappear if you didn’t make a wish within 10 seconds.

I’d like to get many scenarios of work(movies or dramas). it’ll be much happier if the work I select is much loved. In case it didn’t come true, (for another wish) I’d like to sneakily see my future husband, and the magic spell would be rum pum pum pum. I’m really wondering who will be(my future husband(laugh)

Q: Your borderless popularity is just not for one or two days (for prolonged time)

But still, my novelty (curiosity) doesn’t vanish. when SM artists performed in Indonesia SM Town concert, I couldn’t join due to my shooting schedule for TTBY. I thought my fans were also there!, and I wanted to greet them! I wanted to show my face in person to them,.. Awww I felt really sorry at that time.

Q: I see what’s feeling like performing abroad.

Fans must’ve long waited for the chance (to see their artists), so I’m really sorry about that, and grateful to them at the same time.

Q: Is there any burden that placed on you as you have to show your perfect appearance because you are not only a worldwide idol but also an actress.

I was told that my smile image was usually strong, so that’s because I’m sometimes misjudged as me in a bad mood whenever I make a blank look without any thoughts. Every time I head of it, I thought “uh,.. I’m not, is my facial expression wrong? do I look bad?” all of sudden, all kinds of worries came to my mind.

Q: s Naesoong (a prude pretending feminine in front of men) necessary?

It needs sometimes, to be honest with you, I’m not good at it. fox-like personality can be a way to sensibly deal with some situations in a way. for example, with my face full of hearts, I can express my gratitude to my manager who drives me home after hard schedules, but I can’t do it to his face out of shy. Even if I send him thank-you message, expressing in person can be different. It would be just good even If my personality was not fox-like but I want my shy personality to slightly diminish.

Q: What are the elements that make you bored?

When I look at people who’re unconditionally negative. That thought sometimes occurs in my mind. Because I’m especially affected by people around me. and when hanging around with them, I can resemble them, so I’m kind of careful about that kind of people.

Q: Things that make bored Sulli quickly excited?

Sanee makes me happy coz he’s cute whatever he does. Oh, my heart was fluttering when I looked at the picturesquely pretty sky on the midway of moving around with hectic schedule.

Q: Are you kind of emotional?

Because it’s been a long time since I saw the sky. I’ve been amazed by the sky before when I was abroad. I thought ” I couldn’t believe that this spectacular sky was so close to me” Honestly, I looked up to the sky because it was such a hard time. but as soon as I saw the pretty sky, tough times seemed just a moment on this land under the big sky. My feeling got much better after thinking ” how it could be so hard as I was only a dot under the sky”

Q: Staff around you praised your bright personality, so where does your positivity come from?

I don’t like to think about only bad things. even if bad things occur before my eyes, I thought this was just one of rite passage to be good later. I consider it as a good experience that’s helpful to me later.

Q: It can be the way to make yourself stronger.

I believe there is a time for everything. It’s impossible to stay top or have only good things happened all the time. Isn’t everything completed with interlinked situations?

Q: What arrow is on the map you hold?

Someday soon, I want to challenge the movie. I want to settle in as an actress step by step. I’m dreaming of being an actress with solid career like Kim Hye-Soo and Lim Soo-Jung with their own strength.

Q: When you worry, do you ask for SOS?

I kind of keep feeling inside me (suppress feelings). More exactly to say, I don’t even realize whether I’m upset or stressed out sometimes. I came to realize later after my suppressed feelings exploded.

Q: That’s a side effect as result of being a positive person. you don’t take it seriously without digging in your feelings.

That’s right. I’m trying to change it but still insufficient.

Q: Do you ever vent your feelings then?

I confess everything to my mom that something has happened to me later. But fortunately, there are people I can talk with (laugh).

Q: Lastly, How about writing the middle chapter of your life? Since there’s a long way to go to the ending chapter.

Sulli is snow “Sul” and pear blossom “Li”, that means pear blossom in the snow. Compared to a flower, just one or two leaves are blooming now, so my middle chapter can be ‘twenty years old with moisture dew on (a flower).

Trans by peach20kr@MinSul Soompi Forums, via valsk.com
Scan credits to fx2you.net

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