f(x) Anniversary Special: ‘How I discovered f(x)’ – Your Stories!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for sending stories! I wasn’t expecting any! Anyways, if you didn’t submit your own, make sure to leave it in the comments bellow. I added stories I received in the comments in the previous post as well! Enjoy~

Cin, 18, Eastern USA

I’ve asked a lot of other fans how they discovered f(x), but I’d say my case is one of the “special” ones: it all started with a thread roleplay. Before I participated in kpop-themed roleplays on GaiaOnline, an avatar-based community, I was already introduced to kpop by my sister. She was a hardcore Cassie and showed me my first kpop music video, Rising Sun, followed by other videos featuring DB5K, then soon enough, SNSD. I still remember my initial reaction to their debut stage…”Are they speaking in Japanese? Why are there so many of them?” Nonetheless, I wasn’t necessarily addicted. Not yet. Through a specific kpop thread roleplay that I had stumbled upon, f(x) was part of the available characters’ list. So I randomly chose to roleplay as Krystal after searching her up. Bless you, wikipedia. Well, ironically enough, she became my f(x) bias.

I definitely didn’t expect myself to get hooked onto kpop, and just music in general. My sister hadn’t shown me anything related to f(x), but I understood it’s because their song titles are different. However, I for one found them catchy and the music videos carrying strong messages of empowerment (most notably NU ABO and LA chA TA, the first f(x) mvs I saw). My love and addiction grew as time passed by, especially after creating my first tumblr blog dedicated to f(x) under the url, krystaleffects. I was able to meet other fans who shared that love with me.
It may be disappointing at times that f(x) doesn’t have as large of a fanbase or isn’t as well-known or popular as their “sunbaes,” but I root for them as the “underdogs” in SM. Although I learned of kpop through DBSK and SNSD, f(x) helped me stay into the kpop fandom and finally open the door to the various music genres kpop has to offer. No matter what, f(x) holds their own niche in my heart because of this, and I can only hope that they’ll continue to mature through their music, like how they fabulously accomplished with Pink Tape, and that their fans will give them their continual love and support to the end through the tough times and spazz-worthy moments; both old fans and new fans.
…#4yearswithfx and still counting!

Ryne Lim, 19, Malaysia

I discovered f(x) in the programme named “We Got Married” which Victoria was ‘married’ with Nichkhun from 2PM. At first, i think that it’s pretty cool that a Chinese girl can being so successful in Korea and after watching the programme i’m getting more interest on Victoria as well as f(x). Then, i was touched by the efforts that Victoria paid for her success because i can imagine how hard it would be for a girl to leave a place she grown up and go to a country that she not even familiar with. By watching the programme, i feel like being a wife like Victoria and i love Khuntoria very much. Not only WGM, i found almost all videos about f(x) and watched almost all their programme included every stages they performed their songs and also “Koala”, “Amazing f(x)”, music videos and even now, i will download “Glitter” every week. Even though i was first attracted by Victoria but i love all the five of them. They are just so charming, so talented, sooooooooo AMAZING!!! I LOVE F(X)!!! Anyway, Happy 4th year anniversary!!! F(x) FOREVER!!!
p.s: Victoria Sulli Krystal Luna Amber I Love All of You!!!

Angela Zamora, 17, Philippines

I just want to share to you on how I discover f(x) and my love for them.
It was one day on 2010 when I was watching tv from our house when I saw their MV LA cHA tA, after hearing their song and seeing their dance moves let’s just day I fell in love with them. And since then I tried to search for some info’s about them on the internet who they were, and the members and everything. I found every single thing about them is awesome, and unique they are not the same as those other groups, they have their own distinct style and that makes me more to love them. I’ve been supporting them since then and keep on buying their albums, keeping updated on them and watching their mv’s and even downloading their songs and videos on my phone and sharing them with my friends. My favorite member also my one and only bias is Krystal Jung. Why? Because I find her cool and attractive. Yeah, she may be cold at first but once you know her you’ll love her and one thing I really do like I about her is that she is contented about herself. And doesn’t care what others say, she is also hardworking and one thing for sure gorgeous! So, yeah I know I have write a very long letter but that’s how f(x) is to me. 🙂

I want to great them a very happy and successful 4th year anniversary, being able to give us every time they come a new and fresh song and dance that is catchy and attractive. Thank you for hard work and sweat that have been payed off because we are always here to support and love you undyingly. Don’t push yourself hard, because you might get sick and make us worry. And We hope that you visit the Philippines soon. We love you girls! Happy 4th Year Anniversary!

f(x) jjang!!! Pure love f(x)!!

Karla, 18, Philippines

i never liked *~X( at wits’ end kpop music nor having interest with it, because in the first place i don’t understand *:-? thinking the lyrics and they all have the same faces. but i do like koreanovelas because their stories are unique and they also have great actors. when To the Beautiful You aired here in phillippines, i was curious *:-/ confused who were these people who plays lead role which is sulli and minho because they just made a perfect couple, so i searched about the said tv series and i found out that sulli has a group which is f(x). i listened few of their songs and got to like it even loving *:x lovestruck it very much. i also watched their performances, and it made to love *:x lovestruck sulli even more. she is just very adorable, very pretty, cute, and very nice to her fans, i can’t help myself staring *:-O surprise at her whenever they perform. when i knew sulli, f(x) became a part of my life, krystal, vic-unnie, luna, & amber, they are just simply perfect and a good definition of talent and beauty. They made a big impact to my life, i love *:x lovestruck them so much and i always will. and hopefully i got to see them personally and up close someday *:D big grin. 1,2,3, f(x)!!! *:x lovestruck*:-* kiss

Esraa, Egypt

My love to f(x)…..
When i was 14 i was watching channel named korea tv in our arabic country then i sawed Ad about something called “we got married ” in the first i wasn’t understand this show khuntoira couple grapped me to see it every day and There was a paragraph called kpop music street it shows kpop songs and i heard fx nu abo’s song and i started to say this girl she was on the show so i started to search in the internet for fx and victoria umma  until i became a fan of f(x) i adored them every show fx appear in i watched it really the show that f(x) appear on is more beautiful and fun i started to continue we got married i watched let’s go dream team because of fx i even watched fx koala , fx hello and fx on star king and on strong heart , hello conseulor happy together there show i couldn’t watch it because it didn’t subbed in english even my wish is kpop have more attention to arab’s really there is alot of people love you i watched immortal song for luna’s episode i watched to the beautiful you because of sulli i watched when love walked in because of victoria i watched high kick because of krystal jung i watched invincible youth 1 and 2 because of fx really i wish you can read my paragraph f(x) really i love you there was compitition for week in korea with celebrties when i lost i cried alot for 3 days because it was my chance to see fx but nothing i can do i will wait every event to see you fx my mom called me crazy because of you i put your pictures in my room f(x) please read this it makes me cry i even love to see you on stage heh fx really i love you my wish is to see you

Note: Esraa added some pics as well

Michael, almost 15, Myanmar

I’ve been supporting f(x) since last year 🙂
When i discovered f(x) the first time they caught my eye within a second especially krystal 🙂 . I admire their amazing skills and always supported them while they are on stage.
To me they r all like my sisters.

Happy 4th anniversary to f(x) !
I Wish f(x) a successful future.
I will always support them and crown them as my queen no matter what ! 😉

Eunice, 19, Singapore

I discovered F(x) through WGM, whereby Victoria and Nichkhun was matched together. So I thought to myself “Who’s that lucky lady?”. I went to google-d on Victoria since I knew only Nichkhun then. Victoria is my bias in F(x) up till today 😀 No regrets knowing about F(x)!

Marie Germanotta

I heard about f(x) when I had recently learned about K-Pop and i didn’t really know that many groups, and a lot of the groups I didn’t like very much. A lot of the groups were like SNSD and a bit similar to each other and I wanted to hear something new that stood out. So I looked up popular videos of K-Pop on Youtube and I saw a video called Electric Shock. I noticed it had 45,000,000 views, so I knew it must be good. I ended up downloading it and watching it later on that night. And when I heard it, I instantly sat up in my bed. The song was sooo good, It gave me chills & my eyes were wide. It was so different from any other K-Group I had ever heard. They stood out. I listened to that song on repeat for the rest of the night until I fell asleep listening to it. I ended up learning all the dance moves and listening to it a bunch of times everyday. Then I heard Hot Summer and some of their other amazing songs and I fell completely in love. I watched their interviews and saw how funny and talented they really were. They really are the best~

Ana, Romania

Hmmm….How i discover F(x) ? I never though about this question….but i guess it’s not that hard to answer. Well, it was 2011 when i fell in love with Nichkhun from 2PM and i felt a bit strange when i discovered some articles about “his marriage” (I didn’t now about WGM back then). So i start searching about *guess what* not the show, but the name “Victoria”. I thought i will dislike her because of this, as 99% of everyone thoughts, but i was wrong. I astually liked her from the first photo i saw with her. She was beautiful. SHe was just perfect,ok ? That’s how i start watching WGM with Khuntoria and laugh so hard at every 5 seconds of each episode ~~ They were so happy.
So, from this, i start searching Vic umma more and her band. Until now i saw every show with f(x) laughint and crying at the beautiful moments they shared with each other ~~ f(x) is more than a band for me…and i realy think they are different from other bands. Why? Because, since i’m a fan, i didn’t saw any hater….or maybe i saw but just a few, not as much as other girl bands have.
Even i’m here, in Romania, and they are there. I respect,love and support them as every f(x) fan ~~ Simply, f(love).

Alexandra Anea, Romania

How I discovered f(x)? Through We Got Married, 3 years ago. I was really curious about this show and its concept so I clicked a link. And then Victoria appeared and I was just “Wow.”. Really, I thought she was such a beauty. But then a song started and I found it so cool, I immediately googled it. It was Nu ABO by f(x). The song was so catchy and… different, I loved it from the first hearing.

I started getting more into them with time and, without knowing, I became an f(x) stan. Their funny and quirky personalities made me fall in love with them and their music and talent just made everything bigger. Also, they helped me get into the wonderful world of k-pop.

Now, I’m supporting them with all my heart because f(x) deserves all the f(love) in the world.

에프엑스 화이팅!!!

From the comments!

Dianne Macapugay, Philippines

I discovered f(x) from my classmate 2 years ago. He posted a cover dance of them on our class group on facebook and I was kinda feeling the tune on what the girl was covering on the video so i searched for that song but I still wasn’t that much into k-pop and it was f(x)’s Nu Abo and I instantly got interested in them because of how different and mostly unique they really are! Since then i’ve listened to a lot of there songs and memorized their dances haha

Nhi Trang

it was 3 years ago from today actually. At that time i wasn’t really into Kpop but I was a fan of SNSD. One day for a music assignment, my friend who LOVED f(x) starting convincing me into liking them. I wasn’t easy to give in but inside, I LOVED Victoria! The first music video i saw from them was Danger and MY LOVE, MY LIFE AND MY SOUL WAS COMPLETE!


from to the beautiful you and i also become a big fan of Sulli

Tony Lin

Well i found out this year about f(x) when Victoria appeared on the show Happy Camp.

Leo chris

I’ve discovered f(x) since i saw victoria in wgm but i didn’t really pay attention to them. In the May of 2012,f(x) krystal came to running man as a guest. And tht’s wht grabs my attention. I’ve no words to describe how i felt to see tht beautiful stranger. She is just so “areum daweo”. After a month,they came back with electric shock. From that day,i listen to their songs everyday.

Mike Schuder

My niece from Taiwan posted Hot Summer to my F/B wall. That was my intro to f(x) and K Pop. I’d never seen anything as cute as Sulli Choi and I’ve been mesmerized ever since…

Prasith Oudomvilay

I discover f(x) through watching Popasia of the first song i heard and watch from them was hot summer and thats how I got into kpop thanks to f(x) and my first reaction to them WoW!!!! SO Hot all of them. I”m still a f(x) fan for the last 2 years and continue your work f(x) fighting


i know them from lunaa from star king and lunew couple make me know them

Steven, Australia

I found about f(x) just after SNSD and SJ The First MV I watched was Hot Summer

jessica choi (who didn’t write in English haha)

yo estaba navegando en internet y estaba escuchado pop en ingles y salia mucho electric shock pero no se porq no me atrevia a verlo pasaron los dias y seguia saliendo -el video queria q yo lo viera- hasta que lo vi pero yo pensaba que era un video de hacer ejercicios pero me equivoque me quede viendolo y me encanto cuando vi a sulli dije awww tan bonitaa y haci fue como las conoci me volvi fan de ellas y kpoper 😀


Its not that long ago (About a week ago) That i was looking through random videos on youtube and saw F(x)’s new video Rum Pum Pum Pum! I fell in love with the song and all of them from the start. I decided to check out more videos of them. Im very lucky to have clicked on that video! 🙂 Thier amazing, each and everyone of them. Even though i know very little of them, I’ve become a huge fan and will support them! :3 I LOVE YOU F(x)! FIGHTING! 😉

Wayne Bowker, USA

I had never heard of Kpop or f(x) until I watched Yuna Kim’s Kiss and Cry on SBS on satellite TV in 2011. While watching this show they introduced the stars that were competing. This is the first time I saw Krystal. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and that she was not yet 17 years old. Well the rest is history. Krystal showed her group f(x) on the show and that’s how I discovered Kpop and my favorite group f(x). I was so extremely happy when she won the Kiss and Cry competition. I also became so enchanted by Krystal and adored her so much she is now my favorite artist of all time. She is my Idol and Superstar Princess and I support everything she does in her career.


because of the “To The Beautiful You” drama of sulli. I search sulli in google and i found out that she has a band