[TRANS] 130926 f(Victoria) = In Style Magazine October Issue – Interview

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“I usually enjoy wearing knits. They give a warm and comfortable feeling. So rather than wearing a lot of them over each other wearing a thicker knit is definitely better.”

“The sea is right by my hometown Qingdao(,) there’s no rivers. The most fascinating things to me when I came to Korea were the Han river and its bridges. Also, taxis where you can pay by card.”

“The best thing while doing <<We Got Married>> was using it as a pretext to go here and there in Seoul. Also(,) with handsome Nick1khun (t/n: i have to idea what’s up with the 1). Even though it was awkward for us to talk in Korean while dating my Korean got a lot better.”

The First Time

“First” remains as a special, precious memory to anyone.  Crazy f(x)’s Victoria who had short yet intense promotions for the 2nd album title ‘First Wisdom Tooth’ is as expected, like that. That lovely girl’s unforgettable ‘first’ moments!

First Love

My first love was a friend from the same class in dance school. Even though I confessed first, I had a crush on him for 5 years. We’ve remained close now as well and we contact each other sometimes. To explain the taste of the first love in words, it’s bittersweet. But of course, it was rather bitter. Because I liked him so innocently it left me with more precious memories. Getting older year by year i’m starting to feel the complexity of love.

Who was the first member you met and your first impression of them?

It was Sulli who was my roommate. She greeted me with a bright smile, since I didn’t know that much Korean back then I only smiled awkwardly. Krystal looked a lot like SNSD’s Yoona sunbae so I kept confusing them for a while. Luna was also very kind, Amber was like a mischievous little brother. Since i was the oldest among trainees I worried I wouldn’t get along with the others so I’m thankful that they were so kind to me.

First debut stage

It was on September 5, 2009. I still remember it clearly since it was indeed the mental breakdown. We, all of sudden, changed LA cHA TA Intro choreography at dawn. I didn’t know how much I was nervous and afraid if I would mess up while I was on the stage. Besides, my parents who came from China to watch my debut stage were sitting right in front. It would have been good if I had enjoyed the stage more than I did. Too bad that it lacked so much.

First acting (performance)

Although I’m promoting with f(x) now, I came to Korea dreaming to be an actress. My first drama was Chinese drama filmed last year <<When Love Walked In>>. Three handsome guys were looking for an elder from a wealthy family’s granddaughter. Should I call it a Chinese version of <<My Princess>>? Although It’s a secret, because I hadn’t spoke Chinese for a very long time my pronunciation was awkward and I had a lot of NGs.  (laugh) If I get the opportunity I want to do a drama like <<School>> with my friends. A candy-like character that stands out like Geum Jamdi from <<Boys over flowers>> is good too.

“I’m planning to go back home in Qingdao for Chuseok. If I got another vacation I’d go to London to play. I want to go shopping too.”

Scans by fx2you.net
Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net for everything except the debut stage part which was translated by KBNye.

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