[TRANS] 131001 f(Luna) = Me2day Update: “A teacher who always looks after me”


영화 ‘깡철이’♥ 김해숙선생님 초대로 가족친지들과 함께다녀왔어요! 항상 따뜻하게 챙겨주시는 선생님ㅜ 정말 감사드립니다. 영화를 보고나니 부모님께 더욱 효도해야겠다고 다짐했어요~ 모두 ‘깡철이’ 보시고 부모님께 효도하세요~♥♥
Movie ‘Tough as Iron’ ♥ Came back after (watching it) with family and friends, being invited by Kim Haeseok teacher! A teacher who always looks after me warmlyㅜ Thank you very much. Promised to be better to my parents after watching the movie~ Everyone(,) be better to your parents after watching ‘Tough as Iron’~♥♥

T/N: I have no idea what the movie’s name means so i romanized it, sorry. nevermind, googled it.

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