131020 f(Victoria)+f(Sulli) = Gimpo Airport (Back from Beijing) [1] | 4P

Credits to Stefanie, Beixi

Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.

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[TRANS] 131021 f(Luna) = Me2day update: “Good luck with your midterm exams! ^^”

중간고사 기간인데 여러분 열공중이신가요? 저는 할머니와 우리집 막내 이쁘니 반이 쿡이와 오랜만에 즐거운 식사를 하고 열심히 시간을 보내고 있어요~♥ 노력한 만큼 좋은 결실을 얻은 후 느낄 달콤함을 위해 모두 화이팅!♥ 중간고사 잘 보세요!^^

How is everyone doing during this mid-exam period? I’m at my Grandmother’s house with our pretty young ones Bani and Kuki, having a pleasant meal after a long time~ ♥ Making a sustained effort will only give you a sweeter feeling afterwards Hwaiting! ♥ Good luck with your midterm exams! ^^

Trans by taekaway@iheartfx.com

[TRANS] 131021 f(Sulli) = Mentioned in SJ Heechul’s Instagram Update [1P]

세상에서 젤 사랑하고 아끼는 설리가 진리 최진리~ 어제 김포공항에서 둘이 손 잡고 나오는 사진 찍힐라 했는데 시간 안맞아서 못찍힘. 그래서 서로 도쿄돔때를 노리기로 했음. 내가 아는 피부 개쩌는 낭자 두명중 한명인 설리. 나머지 한명은 누구게?

Sulli who I cherish and love the most is the truth (jinli), Choi Truth~ Yesterday, we were going to hold hands coming out of Gimpo airport and get pictures taken, but our timings didn’t match so we were unable to. So we decided to do it at Tokyo Dome time. Sulli is one of the two girls I know that have really nice skin. Guess who is the other girl?

Trans by NKSubs~