[TRANS] 140503 f(Victoria) = MBC C-Radio Idol True Colors

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Fei: When bringing up Qingdao (Victoria’s hometown), what would you think of first?
Zhou Mi: beer.

Zhou Mi asked which character Victoria likes more, her character in WLWI or her current one but Zhou Mi said “I think you like the former more” and Victoria responded: “because there’s you right?” And they hi fived each other.  Zhou Mi: “that’s what you call chemistry”

Victoria said she felt Fei and Jia are very orderly with their conversation but Zhou Mi was just in between them causing disturbances.

Zhou Mi said he hoped Victoria will show her true colours in front of everyone on the show and not just in front of him.

Zhou Mi, like Victoria herself, described Victoria as black too. But he thought the fans would describe her as more of a Warm yellow and Victoria said she hated yellow the most.

Zhou Mi: “I think Victoria should like all the seasons because she can dress well in any if them”
Victoria: “what does season have to do with clothes?”
Zhou Mi: “if you ask me, I would say summer or winter”
Victoria: “no one asked you”
Jia: “there’s finally someone to put you under control”

Both Zhou Mi and the fans guessed that Victoria likes Spring and she asked whether Zhou Mi was the one wrote it.

Zhou Mi: ” I haven’t heard Victoria mention she liked any special animals (besides the usual pets like dogs or cats)”
Victoria: “we are actually not that close”
Zhou Mi: “being on this show lets the fans think we actually aren’t that close. We’ve been creating a false image for 6 years”

Zhou Mi guessed Victoria would see herself as a cat. Then Victoria said she liked cats but she was allergic and Zhou Mi and Fei said they were allergic to cats too.

Victoria said she thinks her charm is outgoing (Kai lang) but Zhou Mi misheard her as pretty (piao liang)
Victoria: “there’s a big difference between pretty and outgoing Gege”

There’s one section of the board that said “f(x)/Kyuhyun/Nickhun” and to stir away from a previous emotional topic, Zhou Mi suddenly said “ok there’s also another one here that says Kyuhyun. When SJM was here last time and there was a question of who would you spill your heart out to. I heard a very upsetting answer. Because Kyuhyun said Song Qian (Victoria). I thought ‘how could it be. She only speaks of it (her problems) to me'”

(Perhaps Zhou Mi suddenly got confused and thought the question (that Kyuhyun had answered) was “which female celebrity spills her heart out to you”)

Then Zhou Mi asked whether it was true that Kyuhyun shared a lot of things with her. Victoria said “not much”. Then Zhou Mi accused Kyuhyun of lying.

Victoria: “not much (contact) because you guys are really busy”
Zhou Mi: “ok. I won’t be angry anymore”

Kyuhyun and Victoria talk in Korean but Kyuhyun would suddenly have Chinese in between, even when texting. He would text in Pinyin. And she thought it was pretty impressive.

Victoria said she was really nervous doing this show because it’s with her best friend. Zhou Mi recalled being in a show Victoria hosted end of last year and he was really nervous too and had cold sweats. Zhou Mi said part of the reason he was nervous was because he might say the wrong things and embarrass her.

Victoria wrote that her favourite song in 2014 was SWING.
She said she liked it because the stage was very nice and interesting to watch

Zhou Mi: “You’re favourite part was when I jumped out to dance right?”
Victoria: “I hate that part the most”
Jia: “when he came out to skip rope.”

Favourite food in 2004:
Zhou Mi: hot pot?
Victoria: I like to eat.
Zhou Mi: Sichuan food?
Victoria: I like to eat that too
Zhou Mi: you didn’t write “everything” right?
Victoria: I don’t like to eat coriander.
Zhou Mi: so you wrote “everything except coriander”?

Zhou Mi guessed Victoria’s favourite food in 2014 was beef because they go to eat every single time and Jia accused him that he guessed Korean BBQ because he liked it.

Her real answer was boneless (spicy stir fry) chicken feet and Zhou Mi yelled out “we are really not familiar with each other”

Zhou Mi: I’ll buy 3 big portions for you to eat. Order whatever.
Victoria: I’ll eat till you are poor.
Zhou Mi: Even if you eat 100x, I guess you (still) won’t…hahaha
Jia: Are you flaunting?
Zhou Mi: Because she chose to eat this chicken feet.

In weekend of 2004, Zhou Mi said he would go karaoke with friends.

Victoria said she liked to eat a 39¥ Buffett on weekends and Zhou Mi guessed the actual name of the specific restaurant Victoria went to in 2004.

Fei: have you thought about when you don’t want to be an artist anymore?
Victoria: I did think of stopping at 30 before.
Fei: so early.
Victoria: yes bit now…
Zhou Mi: You already signed the contract.

Trans by TsweetYumi for SunshineZhouMi, screen cap credits to Rainy