140702 f(Victoria)+f(Amber) = Spotted at the SM Building [1] | 4P

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[TRANS] 140702 f(Victoria) = Message on Official Website: “Everyone, it’s been a while”

[From. f(Victoria)]

여러분 오랜만이에요~ 바로 내일입니다~

Everyone, it’s been a while~ It’s tomorrow~

1년만에 컴백~ f(x)가 ‘Red Light’로 돌아 옵니다!

f(x) is making a comeback after a year with ‘Red Light’!

저희가 이번에도 어떤 무대 어떤 앨범을 준비했는지 궁금하시죠?ㅎ

Your curious about what kind of performance and album we’ve prepared, right? h

내일은 시작이니까 꼭 지켜봐주세요~^^

Since it’s starting tomorrow, please watch us~^^

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