[TRANS] 140708 f(Amber) = Weibo Update: “Zhou Mi ge has successfully stolen my heart”

周觅哥儿@周觅_SJM 用珍珠奶茶成功把我的心带走了,谢谢哥哥 #最强天团

Zhou Mi ge @周觅_SJM has successfully stolen my heart with boba milk tea, thank you gege #Strongest Group

Trans by Sunshine周覓

[TRANS] f(x) The 3rd Album ‘Red Light’ Thanks-To’s


[Chinese part omitted] A lot of people move busily for f(x) every time we make a comeback after a year~ During those times we feel like we’re one family, one team. Thank you very much to Lee Sooman teacher, president Kim Youngmin, vice-president Han Semin, vice-president Nam Soyoung, director Jung Changhwan, our company’s oppas and unnies, staff unnies and dongsaengs, producers, sunbaes, who made this heartwarming, secure ‘workplace’ atmosphere~ Also our pretty members~ You’ve worked hard, thank you~ Thank you very much* to our fans who waited for a year~^^~ Please give a lot of love to f(x)’s newer and grown-up appearance~~~

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140708 f(x) = ‘Red Light’ Sleepy Cats Ver. Album Pictures [1] | 114P

Credits as tagged, Victoria宋茜中文首站, piece-of-gold, 本命是个小2b_小2b是昵称啊喂, 函数总攻翻译官喵喵系VK, 凸崮, Jung Soojung Bar
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