[INTERVIEW] 141009 f(Amber) = ‘8’ ways how STARCAST idols regard Korean

“Joy that Korean Day has come ~♬”

October, 9th, 2014. Today is the 568th birthday of ‘Korean’. It’s a national holiday of Korea which is established in order to let all the people know the excellence of Korean which King Sejong the Great invented. 

There are also idols that regard Korean special than anyone else. ‘SuperJunior’ Henry, f(x) Amber, ‘miss A’ Jia, and ‘GOT7’ Mark, Jackson & BamBam are those main characters.

The common point is that they are all foreign members. They all have their each nationality such as China (Jia), Thailand (BamBam), Hong Kong (Jackson), US (Mark, Amber), and Canada (Henry) but they all came to Korea to act as singers.

They have special stories related with Korean. They have gone through hard time classifying honorific language and crude language. They have done mistakes due to being poor at Korean. However, we ‘burst’ into laughter with those familiar words. 

‘STARCAST’ asked them.

“What memories do you have toward Korean?”

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