[TRANS] 141222 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update: “Eat more dumplings for me~”

终于修剪了一头又长又多的“海带丝儿”[嘻嘻]再悠闲地喝杯咖啡吃..几块儿蛋糕[偷笑][偷笑] 今天是冬至,替我多吃点儿饺子[鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌]

Cut my messy hair finally [嘻嘻]~ Then have a cup of coffee and few piece of cakes leisurely.. [偷笑][偷笑]Today is the winter solstice, eat more dumplings for me  [鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌]

Trans by storia870202


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