[INTERVIEW] Luna Q&A with TimeOut Seoul

Q&A : f(x)’s Luna

Even prior to her recent spotlight on MBC’s new show Mystery Music Show Mask King, Luna has been singing for quite some time now.

Envied for her bright and active personality, here she gives us the inside scoop on SGC, her fashion and future aspirations.

It’s been seven years since you first debuted and you have been working since you were young. Where do you get the energy?
Even when I’m really busy, I try to spend quality time with my parents. I get advice about my dreams and goals and as well as direction from those I love and respect. After spending time with them, I naturally try hard to work on myself to be more diligence and responsibility. I think a lot about how I can be a good influence for the people I love.

Who is your role model?

The singer Lena Park. Two years ago, I suddenly became very disappointed in my inability to
show my identity as a singer. Then I happened to practice Park’s song “Next Year” and found
courage to sing again. Just singing the song everyday made me miraculously happy. I hope one day I can be that person who gives inspiration.

What’s a new area that you would like to try next?

Right now, I’m performing as a singer. But eventually, I would like to get into acting for
melodrama or romance movies. I really like the movies, The Notebook and PS. I Love You. I would like to play an earnest or static character. You are going to be the host for SGC where
many idol groups are performing.

How are you preparing for this?

I’m not trying to stand out. As I host the show, I just hope that people enjoy the SGC and are happy. I’m not the funniest person out there but I will try my best.

Source: Time Out Seoul

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