[TRANS] f(x) The 4th Full Album ‘4 Walls’ Thanks-To’s


You’ve waited for over again again, haven’t you? During a year there have been many things and changes… So this comeback is more specisl. Amber~ Sunyoung-ah~ Soojungie~ While preparing this album we came up with lots of ideas, seeing the members practice with so much passion, it only seems like practicing during debut times.. I’m really thankful and thankful. The people I’m always thankful to~ Thank you to Lee Sooman teacher, president Kim Youngmin, vice-president Han Semin, vice-president Nam Soyoung, director Jung Changhwan~ Company oppas and unnies~ Kyungchang oppa who always works the hardest, Wonkyun oppa, Hojun-sshi, Hyunjun-sshi, Jinook oppa who’s like a brother~ Sungsoo oppa, Junghee unnie, Dayang unnie~ Kenzie unnie, Hwanghyun oppa, Jinhwan oppa~ The composers and writers who give us good songs, staff unnies and dongsaengs, sunbaenims~ Hwaiting to Yunho oppa, Donghae oppa and Eunhyuk oppa who enlisted not too long ago!! Hoobaes~ Thanks to them too~ And to Hyunhee unnie and Areum unnie who are always in my heart~ Sangmi unnie, Miseon unnie who take care of me~ My friend Ook-ie~ Secretive man Hojun oppa, Million Pieces~ Ballas king, my friend Kyuhyun~ f(x) fans, thank you for always waiting for us, this album won’t disappoint you, right? keke [Chinese part omitted]


Every individual thinks of time a certain way but to you fans and me, 1 year felt like a long time; thank you for always being in the same place, I will also always be in the same place.

Amber (only the Korean parts):

Go Woori-nim, my bread dongsaeng Minah (…), Kyungchang oppa ke, Wonkyun oppa, Hojun oppa, Hyunjun oppa, Red God, best oppa Sungsoo oppa, (…) Junghee unnie, Dayang unnie, Mina unnie, Bbang Jinook oppa, Ku Kisa oppa^^ We’re worked very hard, right?? keke Our members~ Finally kekeke And our dear fans. I’ve said it a lot but there is something I keep having to say. We wouldn’t be here without you, always always thank you!!!

Scan by functionlove.net 

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

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