f(♥) New Year’s Eve Special – f(x)+2016!

Happy New Year, MeU!

This is functionlove.net’s 4th ‘Year in Review’ featuring all the highlights of 2016 for f(x) and Sulli!

You can check out the previous ones here

Note: I mentioned what I personally considered more important. If you want to see more, you can check out our archives. (on the sidebar)


f(3) attend The Golden Disk Awards, Krystal MCs

기사 이미지

f(x) Holds Their First Solo Concert

Our Fanclub Name, ‘MeU’ is Announced on the 3rd Day of Docking Station in Seoul

Krystal Endorses Giordano Korea


Luna’s Movie ‘Thunderman’ Premieres

f(x) Holds a Mini Tour in Japan (1) (2) (3) (4)

Victoria and Krystal attend the Jumei Award Ceremony


Krystal Begins Filming Chinese Movie ‘Unexpected Love

Victoria Attends Paris Fashion Week

Krystal Opens a Weibo Account

Sulli Endorses SK-II

f(3) Attend the Huading Award Ceremony and win ‘Global Best Team Idol’


SM Confirms Krystal’s Relationship with EXO’s Kai

Victoria’s 1st Movie ‘My New Sassy Girl’ Premieres in Korea and China

기사 이미지

Sulli Opens a Weibo Account

Luna is Chosen as a New MC for ‘Get it Beauty’


Amber and Luna release ‘Wave‘ for SMTOWN STATION

‘DIMENSION 4 – Docking Station’ Surround Viewing Launches at the SM Artium

Krystal Starts Filming Drama ‘Graduation Season

Sulli Flies to Italy for Ceci

Amber Releases 3 Singles in a Series Called ‘Crossing’

Sulli Closes Her Instagram Account

Luna Makes her Solo Debut with ‘Free Somebody


f(3) Attend KCON in Paris

Victoria and Krystal attend the Shanghai International Film Festival

Amber’s Own Show on KCON TV ‘Ranting Monkey‘ Airs

Luna Opens a Weibo Account


f(x) Release Their ‘DIMENSION 4 – Docking Station in Japan’ DVD/Blu-Ray

f(3) Attend SMTOWN in Osaka

Amber Collaborates with Japanese DJ KSUKE on Single ‘Breathe Again’ at Ultra Japan

f(x) Release ‘All Mine‘ for SMTOWN Station

Victoria’s Drama ‘Ice Fantasy‘ Airs

Sulli Opens a New Instagram Account


Amber Attends KCON LA


Victoria’s Movie ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Premieres

Victoria Starts Filming ‘Reversal Life‘ and ‘August Not The End

Luna Opens Her Own Youtube Channel, ‘Luna’s Alphabet

f(x) Attend SMTOWN in Tokyo

Luna Participates in ‘In The Heights’ Shows in Japan

Photo by Korepo

Amber&Luna Attend the SMTOWN Workshop in Hawaii


f(x) Celebrate Their 7th Anniversary

KSUKE Releases ‘Breathe Again’ with Amber

Victoria Endorses Online Game ‘The Tale of Peach Blossom Spring 2

Krystal Attends the Tod’s ‘Timeless Icons’ Event in Milan

Victoria Attends Paris Fashion Week (2017 S/S)


Amber&Luna Attend the Spectrum Dance Festival and Release ‘Heartbeat‘ for STATION

Victoria Endorses Mobile Game ‘Zhe Tian 3D’ and OLAY

Krystal Endorses Keds US

Luna Attends ‘In The Heights’ Shows in Yokohama


f(x) Release Their Japanese Single Album ‘4 WALLS/COWBOY’

f(x) Hold Their ‘DIMENSION 4 – Docking Station in Japan’ Encore

tvN ‘Entourage‘ with Amber Airs

Krystal Makes a Cameo Appearance in Drama ‘The Legend of The Blue Sea

Krystal Attends&Receives an Award at the 2016 Fashion Photographers’ Night

Photo by Canon Korea


Krystal Attends The ‘Blanc&Eclare’ Soho Store Opening

Amber Attends the 21st Television Awards in Singapore

‘Luna’s Alphabet’ Starts Its Second Season

Luna Releases ‘It’s You‘ for Station

Victoria is Casted in Movie ‘The Legend Of The Ancient Sword 2’

Victoria Attends the 2016 Anhui Drama Awards

Luna Participates in the Last Station for 2016, ‘Sound of Your Heart’

And this wraps up our Year in Review!

MeU, have a great, happy and healthy 2017 ♥

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