[TRANS] 170726 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “The pink pink cushion I’ve received as a gift”

– 뮤지컬 레베카 힘내라고 선물받은 핑크핑크한 쿠션 💗💗 메이크업 수정할때 편리하게 쓸게요 패키지가 아기자기하고 귀여워서 딱 루나 스타일입니다 헤헤 😊 써본 후기를 적어보자묜 !! 쿠션 컬러의 종류가 다양해서 피부타입에 따라 맞춰 쓰시기 편리하구욤! 바르자마자 촉촉함 기분좋은데 지속력도 있어서 여름철에 딱 사용하기 좋은 제품이에요 ~ 땀에도 잘 지워지지 않더라구요? 한번 써보셔도 좋을듯해용 ~~ 패키지 자체가 다른 쿠션들보다 아담한 사이즈로 나와서 짐이 많아서 꽉찬 작은 가방에도 쏘옥 들어가용 ㅎㅎ #네이처컬렉션 #리터치쿠션 @naturecollection_official

A post shared by Luna 루나 (@hermosavidaluna) on

The pink pink cushion I’ve received as a gift to cheer me on for musical Rebecca 💗💗 I’ll use it conveniently to touch up my makeup. Since the packaging is charming and cute, it’s right Luna’s style hehe 😊 I’ll do a review of using it !! Since the color selection for the cushion is various, it would fits many skin types! Right after applying it, it feels moist and since it’s long lasting, it’s a perfect product to wear in the summer ~ It doesn’t come off due to sweat either? It would be good to try it out ~~ The packaging itself, apart from other cushions, comes in an elegant size, it goes into cluttered bags just fine hehe #naturalcollection #retouchcushion

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.


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