f(x) 8th Anniversary Project – “To Me, f(x) is…”



Hello MeU! f(x)’s 8th Anniversary is just a few weeks away. This is functionlove.net’s project for this year!

What is this?

“To me, f(x) is…” will be a video with MeU from all around the world saying what f(x) means to them!

What do I have to do?

  • Film yourself completing the sentence “To me, f(x) is…” with one word, showing what f(x) means to you (ex: ‘love’)

  • Send the video to hearteumi@gmail.com. If the video is too big, upload it to Google Drive and e-mail the link to it


Partner fanbases: MeU Vietnam | MeU Argentina


NEW! Word examples:

Incredible, family, friendship, legendary, iconic, amazing, dedication, quality, inspiration, life, perfect, positivity, strong, beauty, pride


  • The words you choose can be either nouns (‘love’) or adjectives (‘awesome’)

  • Afraid to show your face? Write the word you chose on a piece of paper (make it clear!), hold it in front of your face (maybe show your eyes), and say the word loud enough! (watch the example above)

  • Is your native language not English? You can say the word in your language as well, but please write the translation in the e-mail and I will edit it in! (or edit it into the video yourself. watch the example above!)

  • Do you live near a landmark of your city/country? Film yourself in front of it!

  • Do you have MeU friends who live near you? Film yourselves together!

  • Are you an f(x) fanbase admin and want to join this project? Leave a comment below or e-mail me at hearteumi@gmail.com


Confused? If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

Have fun and let’s show f(x) our love!

6 thoughts on “f(x) 8th Anniversary Project – “To Me, f(x) is…”

  1. Jan

    I’m a bit confuse, do we say “To me, f(x) is love.” Or just the word “love” without “to me f(x) is”?
    Can I still send the video tonight? (I live in Indonesia)

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