‘MeUniverse’ f(x) 10th Anniversary Project Announcement

Hello MeU!

This year, I am teaming up with f(x) Global, Stay United f(x), f(x) Fanzine, f(x) doing things, f(x) fancams, Arab MeU’s and MeUArgentina to bring you all a series of fun projects for f(x)’s 10th anniversary!

So, what are we doing exactly?

Note! If there’s any part of this project that you think you could help us out with, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks.

Part 1. Charity donation

Global MeU and I have decided to raise money and donate it, in f(x)’s name, for the following charitable causes:

  • Animal Welfare Institute, for animal protection

  • The Fenix Association in Brazil, for children and women exposed to domestic violence and/or HIV

  • The Ocean Cleanup

  • Personal delivery of school supplies to children in need from villages in Romania (since school starts around f(x)’s anniversary)

If you can and want to, even the slightest amount of money would help!

Deadline: Aug 31 2019

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f(x) 8th Anniversary Project – “To Me, f(x) is…”



Hello MeU! f(x)’s 8th Anniversary is just a few weeks away. This is functionlove.net’s project for this year!

What is this?

“To me, f(x) is…” will be a video with MeU from all around the world saying what f(x) means to them!

What do I have to do?

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f(x) 7th Anniversary Project: “f(x) All Around”

f(x)’s 7th anniversary is rapidly approaching and thus, we are presenting a new, exciting project for all MeU!

I bet you’ve had moments when you saw something named after an f(x) member (at least Victoria, let’s be real. I’ve personally seen at least 5 hotels named ‘Victoria’). How about we gather photos of all of those, around the world?

Here’s what you gotta do:

f(x) Anniversary Special (3) – How I Discovered f(x) ♥ Your Stories! (2015 Edition)

First off, thank you all for the wonderful submissions! I hope everyone who views this article will enjoy your stories as much as I did.

For those who don’t know, this is a project I started back in 2013 and decided to do again this year. The main idea was for fans to send me the stories of how they discovered and fell in love with f(x) so I would compile them in a post for everyone to enjoy!

If you didn’t get to share your own story, go ahead and do so in the comments below!

And I thought I’d start with my own! So here it is:

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[PROJECT] f(x) 6th Anniversary 2-Part Event ♥

Did you think I wasn’t doing anything for the girls’ anniversary this year? Well, you were wrong!

f(x)’s 6th anniversary is rapidly approaching and with all the changes to the group, I thought we should show the 5 girls our love and support in a slightly different way.

I prepared photos with details to make this quicker and easier so I will leave them here~

For those having trouble reading the text on the photo: Send your stories on how you discovered f(x) (+your name and nationality) to hearteumi@gmail.com until Sep 5th (12AM KST) and I’ll put them all together in a post, like I did in 2013~


  • Any fanbases can join this project, as long as you support all 5 members. (since that’s the whole point) All you have to do is mention me or DM me on Twitter~ (comments on this post count as well)
  • Here’s a typed-out version of the hashtag so you can copy it and paste it onto your post: #함수5명사랑해
  • Don’t start the Instagram part until Sep 5th! The rules mentioned on the Sulli project count here as well (specifically, the part about fantaken photos. Make sure to credit the original uploaders and use Insta Size so you don’t cut out the photo’s tag)
  • Make sure to send your stories until the deadline! And don’t forget to add your name and nationality.
  • Don’t post group photos of the members without Sulli on Instagram with our hashtag! This is an f(5) project. And after all, Sulli was there for 5 years and 11 months, she deserves to be part of such projects~

[PROJECT] Show Sulli Your Love and Support!

Hello everyone! As you might know, Sulli has recently left f(x). For the past years she has been getting many malicious comments from Korean netizens, and it’s time we help cheer her up!

She has chosen the path of acting again, and needs as much love and support as possible. As she isn’t getting much of that from the people of her own country, why don’t us fans step in and show her that we’re by her side? If you want to help, keep reading.

I have seen lots of support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Between those, Sulli has a publicly known account on the 3rd, and thus we will keep this project on there. This is what you’d have to do:

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[PROJECT] f(x)’s 5th Anniversary♥

f(x) have almost reached 5 years since their debut! 5 years of great songs, great performances, laughs, smiles, and, well, some crying as well. 다섯번째. 다섯명.

The date is slowly approaching and Aff(x)tion Forums, iheart f(x) Forums, f(x) Thailand, Perf(x)tion PH, f(x) Brasilf(x) Spanish México and I have gathered for a project to show our girls our strong love!

All you have to do is:

  • Make a video message (up to 20 seconds in length, in a format that can be rendered like .mp4, .avi, .wmv and preferably over 480p!) Example | Example 2
  • A picture with the ‘#5yearswithfx‘ message in it. Example (by iheartfx) Example 2

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