The “l’amour pervenche” Project for f(x)’s 11th Anniversary

Dear MeU,

You’re invited to join the “l’amour pervenche” Project for f(x)’s 11th Anniversary!

Project in collaboration with Stay United f(x) and f(x) Fanzine

~ 11 weeks of love for f(x)’s 11th anniversary ~

This project is made up of 3 components:

Part 1: The Periwinkle Love Scrapbook

The 1st part of l’amour pervenche is a fanbook project called “The Periwinkle Love Scrapbook”

With a realistic scrapbook vibe, this fanbook will include a total of 10 unique sections (subject to change) through which you can take a trip down memory lane, remembering your favorite things about f(x), and show your love for them.

9 out of the 10 sections will be open for submissions for a week each, from Friday to Thursday.
Every Friday, a new section opens.
Alongside those 9, 1 section will be open for 2 weeks.
Stay tuned to find out what theme each section has!

Submissions are now open for Week 11 – Congratulate f(x) on their 11th anniversary

Open from August 28th to September 4th

Submit fanart and edits HERE

Previews of each section will be posted once submissions close for them.

Part 2: The #warmthforf5 Saturday Event

To make sure the members always see love and positive comments from us, every Saturday, all day (you can freely choose in which part of the day to do this), leave loving comments on their Instagram posts!

There are no rules here, just write sweet things 😉

This event will take place every Saturday, starting June 20th and until Sep 5th

Part 3: Sunday MV Mass Stream Event

Every Sunday, from 9 to 11PM KST and PST, we will be mass streaming one f(x) music video.

We’ll be going from the newest to oldest, which means that on week 1, Sunday June 21, we’ll be streaming All Mine.

The next one will be 4 Walls and so on, until LA chA TA on August 30th.

You can find all the MVs quickly through SM’s official playlist here

NOTE: Solo MVs and the Hot Summer JP. version won’t be included, as all the other MVs are 11 total and will allow the 11 week-long event. If you have any ideas on how we could integrate the solo MVs by keeping the 11 week format, let me know.

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