The ‘Mel Persici’ Project for Sulli’s 26th Birthday

My dear Peaches,

I’m bringing you this special project in honor of our Sulli’s upcoming 26th birthday on March 29th.

This project contains 2 main elements:

Part 1. The Sulli Love Book

Similar to the MeUniverse project, this part of Mel Persici will be a book of messages and art, all from YOU, to our Sulli. Whether she’s here or not, we can still write to her, tell her how much we love her, and honor her.

Your messages and art will be collected from January 1st 2020 to February 13th 2020. Until the 20th they will be put together in a book, which will be sold online, in digital form, from Feb 20 to March 20, for $3.29, which will all be donated to charity.

Every donator will get a digital copy of the book. After the donation has been completed, the book will be released for everyone.

Alternatively, you can make direct donations HERE

What can I write/draw?

The Sulli Love Book is here to help give you a means to express your love for Sulli. Tell her how much you love her. How much you miss her. How much she meant to you. What you’ve been up to and how you’ve been taking care of yourself. Anything you want.
Same goes for drawings. Recreate your favorite photos of Sulli or create your own. Use your imagination!

Keep in mind the book will be released publicly so don’t write anything you wouldn’t want others to see! Alternatively, you could skip writing your name, or write ‘anonymous’ instead

The book sales and the direct donations will all go to a cat shelter from Bucharest, Romania, named ‘Booking Catspert

Why donate to them?

Quick answer: This charity was chosen because of Sulli’s love for cats!

Lengthy answer: Booking Catspert is a cat adoption and fundraiser platform: it notifies people of cats available for adoption and rescues cats in Bucharest, Romania. What the donations could help with are procedures some of the rescued cats might need: since some of them are strays or abandoned cats, they are sick and need treatment, sometimes even surgery. Booking Catspert helps these rescues get the treatment they need and prepares them for adoption.

Submit messages to The Sulli Love Book below:

For art submissions, go HERE

Part 2. Peach Support

Peach Support is a platform for Peaches feeling alone, upset, or helpless, where they can talk to someone, vent and/or get advice, and generally cheer up.


Sulli’s passing has been hard on a lot of us and I noticed we helped each other lots right after it happened, but we eventually stopped. I’d like to do that again – to help fellow Peaches grieve and also to be there for them when they need someone.

Peach Support is made on the principle that you are not alone and you don’t have to be alone.

When you’re feeling down, when you’re going through a rough time and need to talk to someone, I’d like you to be able to talk to someone and not bottle up all those feelings.

Attention: Peach Support is not made for crisis situations. If you’re having a really hard time, please consider calling a hotline.


Peach Support is a Twitter account, which will be managed by a team of 6 people: me, in the role of a moderator (making sure everything is going smoothly, getting rid of spam/hate) and 5 volunteers who will be selected from Jan 1st to Jan 14th.

You will be able to send tweets or direct messages to Peach Support whenever you need someone to talk to. Vent, tell us what’s wrong, why you’re upset. A member of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

Check it out below!

Thank you and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The ‘Mel Persici’ Project for Sulli’s 26th Birthday

  1. The world of Kpop has an obvious mental health problem. I hope for the New Year in 2020 that South Korea will address and do something about what some people would call a ‘crisis’. 🤔


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