f(x) 7th Anniversary Project: “f(x) All Around”

f(x)’s 7th anniversary is rapidly approaching and thus, we are presenting a new, exciting project for all MeU!

I bet you’ve had moments when you saw something named after an f(x) member (at least Victoria, let’s be real. I’ve personally seen at least 5 hotels named ‘Victoria’). How about we gather photos of all of those, around the world?

Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Take a photo of any locations (cities, restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc) or products (ex: water – there is a brand called ‘Kristal’ in my country) that share the same name as an f(x) member. Examples, if you’re confused: “Hotel Victoria”, “Krystal Jewelry”.

  • Edit the photo and add the location (City, country. Or just country if it’s a product you can find anywhere)

  • Upload you photo to Instagram, tag all 4 members and add the hashtag #fxallaround so they will see them all in one place!


Deadline: Sep 5th 2016


  • I’m giving you plenty of time but if you know a location but can’t get there in time, Google Maps Street View screen caps are fine! Maybe don’t make it obvious, try to edit the photo (crop the Google tag)

  • As for products/hotels/restaurants, etc., same thing applies: if you can’t get there until Sep 5th to take a photo, you can use official ones (if they have a website/Facebook page, etc). The whole idea is for the girls to see how many things they share names with!

  • Make sure your photo is clear

  • PLEASE don’t spam the #fxallaround hashtag with something else, not related to the project!

  • Any fanbases that want to join this project are very welcome. Just leave a comment below. Make sure to actually help out if you do so.

That’s it! Have fun, I’m looking forward to seeing what wonderful f(x)-related things you can find! (Maybe catch some Pokemon while at it, *wink wink*)


17 thoughts on “f(x) 7th Anniversary Project: “f(x) All Around”

  1. lala

    what if its not share the same name as an f(x) member? i always remember one thing about f(x) name, like Mall f(x) in Sudirman Jakarta Indonesia

  2. Ghadyily

    Hi! I’m from @fxmaniac on instgram I translated this project into arabic so arab meus can join the project and help, if don’t mind hehe 😁

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