170905 f(Luna) = After Musical ‘Rebecca’ [2] | 1P

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170909 f(Amber) = 2017 New York Fashion Week – Tory Burch Show [23P]

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@ajol_llama and @ireneisgood arriving at the @cooperhewitt for #ToryBurchSS18

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[TRANS] 170908 f(Luna) = Instavid Update: “Don’t forget about Luna’s Alphabet tomorrow night~”

#LunasAlphabet season 3!! Interview makeup da dah!!
See you on Saturday at 9PM
Don’t forget about Luna’s Alphabet tomorrow night~~~~

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170908 f(Luna) = Luna’s Alphabet Instagram Update 

Ep 18 will be up tomorrow at 9PM

170906 f(Luna) = With a Fan [1P]

9.6 레베카 후기: 이제 디테일이 덜보이겠거니 했는데 가까이 앉았더니 엄청난것들이 보인다. 가까이 앉으니까 코러스 가사마저도 잘들리고 배우들의 연기도 잘보인다. 블퀘가 자리별로 음향이 확실히 차이나는듯… 갑자기 무대수준이 확 올라간듯한 효과였다 역시 불퀘.. 옥댄의 소름은 내가 의식적으로 여기서 소름돋을거야라고 생각하는지 조금씩 덜하게 느껴지는편이고(그래도 끝나면 항상 가슴이 떨린다) 루나는 오늘 편지에 개선점 쓴게 부끄러워질 정도로 디테일묘사나 노래 너무 잘했다.. 송창의씨도 처음봤는데 막심 잘어울리고 되게 잘하시는듯..! 표정연기는 정성화 분위기는 엄기준 전달력은 송창의 라는 생각이 들었다. 민영기씨만 보면 다 보는거네! 김나윤 반호퍼는 정말 최곤거 같다 조연은 안쓰려했는데 너무 심하게 잘해서 쓸 수 밖에 없었다.. 여러모로 만족도높은 공연이고 정우를 입덕시키는데 이정도면 성공했다! 반응이 좋으면 티켓값따위 아깝지도 않다. 다음 티케팅도 두장씩 잡아서 한명 델고가야지ㅎㅎ.. #musical #rebecca #뮤지컬 #레베카 #루나 #옥주현 #송창의 #김나윤 @namwoo_39

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170908 f(Amber) = With Fans [2P]

Found @ajol_llama & @ireneisgood out in SoHo. Ahh words can't describe how I'm feeling. Amber was my first crush in f(x), she stood out the most to me in all the videos. Her humor, charisma & energy is just so magnetic. Now to this account- As she was ready to leave the restaurant, I pulled out my f(x) periwinkle light stick & waved it so she'd know I'm a real MeU, & of course she came to greet me outside, all smiles. I was so SHOOK, it's freaking AMBER of f(x). I introduced myself, gave her a gift bag of Macaroons from me, my brother @uzzi___ & @cherry.cl & congratulated her on #8yearswithfx. She saw the hat I was wearing, from Blanc & Eclare @blancandeclare_official & said "cool hat", I chuckled cause, well… you know 😉 I then asked if she'd at least sign one of my f(x) albums since I know she must be busy & ready to go but she insisted on signing all of them. 😭😭 So she did, & as she did, Irene came out of the restaurant & saw my Blanc & Eclare hat too & she was SO ecstatic that she recorded a video/pic of me & sent it to @jessica.syj so she can see 😭 I told Irene that Jessica recognizes me as the first purchaser at her SoHo store & that she'll definitely love seeing me wearing it today. Irene told me that Jessica & I are twinning with the hat today cuz we're both wearing it haha 👯 I then professed to Amber & Irene how big of a MeU I am, going to Korea to attend their first concert, Dimension 4: Docking Station, stanning them so hard… & Amber was really grateful. We got a great pic together, & I was being recorded the whole time with their film crew 😭 Going to be so embarrassed to watch my account with them when it airs. Thank you Amber & Irene for taking the time to meet with me & have a nice conversation, it really meant a lot. All couldn't have gone better except when I was going back home I realized Amber forgot to sign my Electric Shock EP 😩 There's always next time. Will see you again sometime in the future haha ~ Edit: Amber wanted me to join f(x) cuz I know all the choreo & we talked about PokémonGo & the Jhoto legendaries #fx #Amber #ajol_llama #irenekim #ireneisgood #Kpop #Krystal #Luna #Victoria #MeU #엠버 #아이린 #에프엑스 #크리스탈 정 #루나 #빅토리아

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