171018 f(Victoria) = Spotted at Her Hotel in Thailand [6P]

Credits as tagged, 春眠不觉晓_卡卡
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[TRANS] 171018 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update: “My kinda strange scrubbing experience report”

First scrubbing report
It started with a feeling of being freshly painted… I got thoughts that I’m not actually a robot being
I didn’t feel like a human from this world when the oil went in (to my skin)
I felt like my own body was a fish bowl with big goldfish slowly coming in (?)…. And now my steps are slower dehet
End of my kinda strange scrubbing experience report

[TRANS] 171018 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Koala, don’t catch the dragonfly !!”

Koala, don’t catch the dragonfly !! You lost it .. ㅋㅋㅋ


Where did you go?


Last week me and Koala went exploring hehe

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