Rest in peace, Kim Jonghyun. 🕯️

Rest in peace, Kim Jonghyun. Condolences to his family, friends and fans.🕯️

Please don’t hesitate to get help. Below is a list of resources, for yourself or anyone around you who might need your help:

List of suicide hotlines worldwide (1) (2)

US Suicide Prevention Lifeline

US Institute of Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Resource Center


There are fans on Twitter offering help by DMs. Don’t hesitate to talk to any them! Feel free to e-mail me too, if you need someone to talk to. (the address is on this site’s sidebar)

I see some of you are already doing this: please head to our girls’ Instagram accounts and leave some sweet comments on their latest posts. Just a simple ‘I love you’ or ‘Stay strong’ will do. 😉

* I will NOT be posting photos/videos of our girls at the funeral. Besides the obvious, my heart just can’t take it

171218 f(Amber)+f(Luna) = SMTOWN Weibo Update

SM tweeted this about an hour ago but deleted. I wanted to share the video only. They were supposed to release a STATION song on Dec 22. But it might get postponed. (um.. you guys should check the news. kpop news.)