[VIDEO] 171221 f(Victoria) = Instyle Vol. 472 Behind the Scenes

Re-up by Song Qian Bar

171221 f(Sulli) = Estee Lauder Instagram Updates [2P+1V]

[TRANS] 171221 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Our Jjong oppa, you’ve done well. I love you.”

I was able to laugh thanks to oppa’s jokes. I was able to dry my tears thanks to oppa’s advice. And I got courage thanks to oppa’s courage. When I was embarrassed, oppa didn’t dismiss me, he understood my poor Korean and he stood up for me. Honesty, I felt proud whenever people joked that me and oppa looked like twins. Because I wanted to because an amazing person like oppa.. Thank you. I’m very thankful to have become oppa’s dongsaeng. I’ll become an “Ambel” oppa can be proud of. Our Jjong oppa, you’ve done well. I love you.

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