[SCANS] 180129 f(Amber) = me(you) Book 3 [8P]

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[TRANS] 180129 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Lulu is working hard starting skin care for the upcoming spring !!”


Lulu is working hard starting skin care for the upcoming spring !! The #sulhwasoo #midnightwitheningessence, suiting my dry skin, that i’ve been using for the past two weeks. If I watch what I eat too, I’ll have good skin ! Even though It’s tough 😢  I gotta avoid instant foods, warm and spicy foods, I gotta start watching what I eat again ! I gotta start doing constant core work outs too hehe Lately I’ve been hearing that Sulhwasoo products are good, for those of you who want to switch up your skin care routine and are trying to pick a brand, trust me and give this a try, you’ll love it 💛  If you can’t pick products because you have sensitive skin .. I’ve gifted it to my other half Jinyoung unnie, Soyoon unnie and model Soyoon and they all loved it and approved of its quality, thank you
Have a happy night today too ✨

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