180210 f(Amber) = Hangout Event with Fans at KTOWN LA [1] | +115P

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#엠버 #amber #amberliu #amberfx #fxamber #에프엑스 #함수 #fx

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thai tea and amber liu 💕😘 #fx #amberliu

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AMBERRRRRRR @ajol_llama #fx #amber

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Pics or it didn’t happen 📷💕💕

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💥holy shit🖤 #wife

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Omg I met @ajol_llama and I’m officially dead💕💀

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– you heard it here first from the mama llama herself @ajol_llama ♥️!

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Flew from Washington to see Amber ❤️ Screensaver 4ever

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thank u for being so incredibly sweet to me today 😦 i love you so much

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It so nice to see you Amber😘 love you😍💕 @ajol_llama

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genuine human being ❤️ #amberliu

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I got to meet Amber again

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☑ Met my idol @ajol_llama

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× I met the cutest llama today. ×

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My heart burst. A true role model, wow. @ajol_llama ❤️

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@ajol_llama Always a HUGE pleasure meeting this cutie pie! She even remembered me from the last time we met!😩"I remember meeting you when I was getting ice cream" and I was like "yeah I had grey hair and I remembered u dyed it grey the next day lol" and she was like "our hair is even similar now" we even have matching nose rings lmao! she was like "your outfit is cute you look nice!" And I was like "I came dressed up for you" 😂 sorry y'all I have a little crush on her so I had to say it , and she just smiled at me 😍I also had to get her telling me happy bday 👏🏾In all honestly she's like one of the most genuine and real idols I've met like honestly, she's so sweet to the point where it's not even nerve racking to meet her , it feels more like meeting a friend! Love you Amber 😘(tag her for me pls)

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invented being the cutest, sweetest, most beautiful person alive 💛

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Ok so even tho I didn’t get to go meet amber, I just feel like getting this out there. Y’all I literally don’t know where to start but all I wanna say is that i don’t know WTF we did to deserve amber. So first of all, despite her busy schedule, she went out of her way to hold a fan meetup/hangout. Like who does that?? Seriously, name another kpop artist or any celebrity who does that. When I say this girl is an angel, I really mean it. Describing her as kind, is literally an understatement. Okay, second of all, she fking STAYED PAST 3 TO MAKE SURE SHE GOT TO SAY HI TO EVERYONE. You can really tell how fking grateful amber is for her fans & how much she actually cares for them(us). Like, think about this. This girl made a fking youtube channel just so she could interact with us. She is so active on all her social medias & tries her best to notice fans on there. AND she even does live streams on Weibo just for her Chinese fans. (& ik there’s more) Seriously y’all. What I’m tryna say here is that Amber has done SO SO much for her fans & I feel like sometime ppl just take it for granted. I just wanna take this moment to thank you, amber, for everything you have ever done for us since your debut. You deserve all the success and happiness in the world and more. you are a beyond amazing & beautiful human being AND I SWEAR IF ONE MORE PERSON HAS THE AUDACITY TO TELL U OTHERWISE IMMA HAVE 2 CUT A BITCH. Ok bye ily @ajol_llama

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you can pretty much say amber gives the best hugs ever?! 💓 | @ajol_llama

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i went for boba but instead saw amber, my gay role model ?? what a winwin situation

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When you see steve and amber at the same time and you are basically dead

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