180430 f(Amber) = Instavid Update: “#1 of the Rogue Rouge Mixtape”

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#1 of the Rogue Rouge Mixtape

Get Over It
Written By Amber Liu
Produced By @commonsoulsmusic @ryanyoo_ @veznick
Music Video
Director: Amber Liu, Jimin Choi
AD: @kingesthersong , Min Kyung Kim
Art & Lighting Director: @yoosisipi
Stylist: @ireneisgood
Special Crew: @ahkkkkz @porksterr , Min Yong Koh

Koreaboo Studios
DOP: Jimin Choi
1st AC: Dong Woo Seo
2nd AC: Hyuk Jin Seo
Lighting Team: Seong Hee Lee, Seong Taek Im, Myeong Un Park, Sander Dinkgreve

Art Team
1st Assistant: Ga Eun Kim
Scripters/Data Managers: Gyu Ri Kim, Yu Ri Choi, So Ra Lee

Post Production Team

Compositing Technical Director: Jimin Choi
Visual Director: @yoosisipi
Rotoscope Artist: Sander Dinkgreve
Titles, Motion Graphics Artist: Yoonji Lee

Band: @baebenji92 @hojuboy @ireneisgood @jihsk
Fake Director: @rkmoney46
Fake Producer: @kimberlyahn
Fake Makeup Artist: @ahkkkkz
Fake Stylist: @porksterr
Fake Staff: @solly_08 @_superbin_
Cookie Person: @laserzz
Suits: @jinee__x @tia_0315 @joeljaylane

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