[SCANS] 130729 f(x) 2nd Full Album ‘Pink Tape’

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Credits to 小xi


Credits to kaylam_kk


Credits to Sy__KinoXuLoveJesscia

Credits to nakus32~

01 68306249jw1e73v5srbdwj20dc0hs3zt 68306249jw1e73v5z6dquj20dc0hs3zz 68306249jw1e73v6d0am4j20dc0hsgmw 68306249jw1e73v6iwbx3j20dc0hsq4c 68306249jw1e73v6p8g4oj20dc0hsgn3 68306249jw1e73v6u49fhj20dc0hswfy 68306249jw1e73v7c63osj20dc0hs75q 68306249jw1e73v7hfqv4j20dc0hstae 68306249jw1e73v7mwfavj20dc0hs75z 68306249jw1e73v7r504zj20dc0hswfr 68306249jw1e73v7vy5b5j20dc0hsjst 68306249jw1e73v8g63hsj20dc0hswg3 68306249jw1e73v8mnxt9j20dc0hsq4x 68306249jw1e73v8sncj8j20dc0hsgnq 68306249jw1e73v8y4g7uj20dc0hsabv 68306249jw1e73v9ajnytj20dc0hsabv 68306249jw1e73v9fpswvj20dc0hsdhm 68306249jw1e73v9nhs8bj20dc0hsjt8 68306249jw1e73v9u4r0sj20dc0hs0ug 68306249jw1e73v64br24j20dc0hs400 68306249jw1e73v68nqp8j20dc0hsabe 68306249jw1e73v70qgmxj20dc0hsdh9 68306249jw1e73v76g7c2j20dc0hsdhk 68306249jw1e73v82ve67j20dc0hs403 68306249jw1e73v894lbfj20dc0hsgne 68306249jw1e73v955tyfj20dc0hs76k 68306249jw1e73va9kgxaj20dc0hsjt3 68306249jw1e73va26mm2j20dc0hsdhh

Credits to kaylam_kk~

Credits to ETvaAO越冷越懒~

Credits to 茜姐是呆瓜的正能量~

Credits to fx家族_fxfamily~

Credits to 첫사랑~

001 002 003

Credits to Amber Baidu Bar~

Credits to MangoJung郑秀晶芒果站~

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15

Credits to woolongiraffe~

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