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[From. f(Victoria)]


[From. f(Amber)]

I’m Amber!

My mood totally became UP being on stage next to everyone after a while and hearing your cheers!

Thank you all for supporting us despite making a comeback a year later.

It’s only the start now so see you again!^^

[From. f(Luna)]

It’s the beginning now ♥

We’ll show you a better performance as much as you waited for us

♥ Live broadcast! ♥

[From. f(Sulli)]

I one word Sulli Sulli. I’m thrilled*! keke

Although it’s a pity that I was nervous during our first (comeback) stage, I hope I’ll have fun promoting~

Give it a lot of love(,) let’s meet again~^^

[From. f(Krystal)]

Hello. I’m Krystal.^^

I’m really glad to be making a comeback after a long time

I’ll continue to work hard with a more fluttering heart.

Look forward to us~~

Credits to fx.smtown.com

Trans by me, spiceshoe@iheartfx (on some sections i didn’t understand)

*-Sulleim=thrilled, a play on words