[NEWS] f(x)’s Victoria doesn’t think she can get married? Amber reveals how many kids she wants to have

f(x)‘s Victoria surprised viewers by revealing that she doesn’t know if she can get married in the future.

In the final July 16th broadcast of MBC Music‘s ‘Amazing f(x)‘, f(x) discussed where they see themselves 20 years from now.

When asked if she sees herself married, Victoria revealed, “I don’t know. I don’t think I can [get married].” Krystal added, “Well there are people who aren’t really suited for marriage.” Victoria revealed why she’s scared of marriage and continued, “If I get married, I have to give birth. I’m scared of that because it’s a painful process.”

When asked about where she thinks she’ll be 20 years from now, Amber shared, “I will probably be married by then”, to which Sulli asked, “How many kids do you plan to have?” Amber answered, “Two kids. I want to have a son first and then a daughter afterwards so the older brother can protect the younger sister.” 

 Victoria then remarked hilariously, “If I give birth, I want to give birth to all my children at once. When you get older, it’s better to have them all at once.”

Source: allkpop