[TRANS] 130720 f(Luna) = Mentioned in SJ Ryeowook’s Twitter Update

Thank you to everyone that cheered for me at High School Musical ~^^ My girlfriend Gabriella(,) Luna thank you very much ~!!! Sunday noona with whom I did my first performance(,) you’re the best ~^.~ All the staffs and actors are jjang jjang~ Jaejin(,) Dongho hyung(,) Sungjae(,) Troys fighting~!! Kya kya

Trans by me

NOTE: I hope you don’t mind that I translated the whole thing.

[TRANS] 130719 f(Luna) = Cinetown Radio Interview with SJ’s Ryeowook

[The translation is done by an ELF so non Luna-related parts omitted!]

DJ: Ryeowook-goon looks bright and cheerful in normal life, and I think you should have had many offers from musicals?

RW: Highschool Musical offer thankfully came to me~ It first went to Luna, and our manager hyungnim worked hard (to get me an offer too) hehe

RW: I think there will be about 2 kiss scenes, but I don’t know if we’ll do them for real… Dongho hyung did them for real, with Soyeon noona. My first performance is tomorrow. Luna says it’s definitely a no~ we’re in a situation like that kkkk I don’t know. I’ll take care of it XD

RW: If I talk more about kiss scenes, I would think of just pretending to kiss, but Luna-ssi will suddenly grab my face and!!! ‘Ah, this person has this side too~’ and during the performance!! kk everyone, please anticipate a lot. Heh

Luna: It was hard to act while looking at him. I hold down (laughters) but Ryeowook oppa makes jokes, and I end up laughing. It was hard
RW: There are many F(x) fans, so I worry that something would be thrown on stage (during kiss scene). I am most nervous when acting with Luna.”

RW: (when asked about his first impression of Luna) I saw her first when she was 17, and she’s now 21. It’s already been 4 years. She was really like a baby back then. She was so kind… kkk
Luna: Oppa is mean (and makes lots of jokes) kk

Trans by NKSubs

NOTE: I can’t translate the rest myself. My Korean is far from being fluent, the translations I do here are my way of learning only~