181117 f(Amber) = Friends’ Instagram Updates [4P+3V]

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Throwing it back to when @ajol_llama and the team at @honeybelleshop had to run loofah soaps back to back to back to back for @ultabeauty…8am-1am 😭💯🔥 . To see such responses from social media mentions (@allure @yahoolifestyle) to customers and friends has got me present to… . . . “holy f*ck, were running an actual business!!!” . . . Today, we had the opportunity to pitch to 10 angel investors/start-up investment firms and guess what… we absolutely nailed it!🔨🔨 . One of the stories I shared was how, just 3 years ago, Iris and I were in her kitchen cooking up some products just us two. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I shared it.😪 . They saw the passion in my eyes. . They saw what we’re out here to create. . They saw that we were 100% serious with an intention to bring @honeybelleshop to a house-hold name, even though we didn’t come with a pitch deck 😅(we were notified last minute) . Sometimes, life will throw something in your lap and you can either ride with it or leave it.. try rolling with the punches to see what else life will throw at you👊🏼💥 . #amberliu#kpop#fx#amberjosephineliu#amberliufx#fxamberliu#kpopmemes

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