181222 f(Krystal) = Instagram Update: “👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️”

181221 f(Amber) = Chungha’s Instagram Update

[TRANS] 181221 f(Luna) = Luna’s Alphabet Community Tab Update

Today, for the last Lunphabet of 2018, is a talking day with Lulu ^^ There will be a live stream tonight at 7! Leave stories about how your year had been ~~ I’ve also prepared holiday beauty products I want to recommend to the Lunphabet subscribers.

Just holiday products that make me happy just by having them in front of me !! They make your heart flutter just by looking at them >< Lulu has prepared with the beauty items she likes! Estee Lauder holiday collection, charming Jo Malone holiday perfume you’d want to receive and give as a gift, up to Fresh holiday collection that makes you want to go travel right as you see it !! Lulu has prepared many more beauty recommendations so let’s check them out soon.

Merry Christmas ♥

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