Hello MeU!

I’m letting you know updates will come at a slower pace over the next couple of days. I’m spending New Years out of town and I’m leaving my computer at home for safety (and weight because it’s heavy af) reasons. I have a couple of things prepared already.

I’ll try my best to update with fantaken pics from Victoria’s NYE activities, but I can’t guarantee I’ll post everything right away.

Thank you for understanding and Happy Holidays! Have a joyful New Year’s Eve ♥

181229 f(Sulli) = verutum_gallery Instagram Update

181229 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: ““BYE BYE” is written in memory of our dearly missed Kong”

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• “ 나에겐 오늘이 마지막 일 것만 같아 .. ” ‘안녕 이대로 안녕 (BYE BYE) ‘ 9개월 동안 매일 아픔과 치열하게 싸우다.. 하늘에 별이된 저의 가족 (강아지) 콩딱이를 그리워 하는 마음.. 그리고, 하루에도 300마리가 넘는 소중한 동물들이 버려지고 있는 이 현실에 우리가 조금 더 관심을 갖고 유기견 유기묘 입양, 그리고 다시 한번 버려지는 파양이 없기를 바라는 제 소망을 담았습니다. ✨“BYE BYE” is written in memory of our dearly missed Kong, who is now a star in the sky.⭐️⭐️⭐️. I heard more than 300 animals are being abandoned and tortured everyday.. I hope this song can help raise public awareness by shedding light on the violence and desertion of our pets, who are family. 작곡 with @chisoonpark .

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