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[NEWS] f(x)’s Luna Shares Details For Upcoming Solo Digital Single “Even So”

f(x)’s Luna has released new details about her upcoming solo digital single “Even So”!

The digital single is set to be released at noon KST on January 4, 2019. There will be three new songs that showcase Luna’s skills has a singer-songwriter as she will be participating in composing and writing lyrics for her new music.

Title track “Even So” will be a medium tempo R&B pop track with a groovy bass, funky guitar instrumental, and warm synth sounds. The lyrics hold a message of hope based on Luna’s diary entries. B-side track “Do You Love Me” will be a PB R&B track with a chill vibe and lyrics talking about getting to know someone. “Bye Bye” will be a minimalist track with a Bossa Nova rhythm that highlight’s Luna’s vocal talents.

Source, credits to J. Lim@Soompi

[TRANS] 181228 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Luna’s self-composed songs will be released. 1. Even So 2. Do You Love Me 3. BYE BYE”

January 4th 2019, Friday ❤️ Luna’s self-composed songs will be released.
1. I’m saying I’m Crying (Even So)
2. Do You Love Me
3. Bye, Like This, Bye (BYE BYE) The lovely writers who composed with me ☺️
@chisoonpark , Han Junkyu writer.
Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

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