190205 f(Amber) = Nike Running Instagram Update

190205 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “Are you #TeamClassics or #TeamBacon?”

190204 f(Luna) = Jinyoung’s Instagram Update

[TRANS] 190204 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “#Lovelyz #Kei who is nice and lovely 💕”

#Lovelyz #Kei who is nice and lovely 💕

This week’s work of taking the vibe of #WonMiyeon sunbaenim’s #FarewellTrip original song and trying to make it my own .. Although it was very very hard, I feel like we made it well, thanks to Won Miyeon’s arrangement ! Please look forward to and give lots of love to Luna’s Chinese New Years Special ‘Farewell Trip’ ❤️
It’s for 🎤🎧🎁 our MeUhehe
It’ll be revealed later !! 🙏

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