190411 f(Victoria) = Instagram Update: “New in-store experience🌟 #clashdecartier”

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New in-store experience🌟 #clashdecartier

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190410 f(Krystal) = OMEGA Collection Launching Event [1] | 3V

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Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.

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#마리가간다 오메가(@omega)의 2019 컨스텔레이션 워치를 공개하는 현장에 다녀왔습니다. 맨하탄 스카이라인에서 영감을 받은 인덱스, 2mm가량 늘어나는 브레이슬릿으로 더 세련되고 편하게 업그레이드 된 컨스텔레이션 워치를 선보이는 자리였는데요. 각기 다른 디자인의 오메가 컨스텔레이션을 착용한 #크리스탈 (@vousmevoyez) #기은세 (@kieunse) #수영 (@sooyoungchoi) 모델 #곽지영 (@kwak_jy) 그리고 클래식하면서 우아한 오메가 컨스텔레이션, 모두 영상으로 만나 보시죠. #EDITOR_MJK – Whole new Omega Constellation. – #OMEGA #OMEGAConstellation #오메가컨스텔레이션 #krystal #sooyoung

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[TRANS] 190410 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Lulu-yah, let’s get out and do a morning workout!!! 🍟🥞🥪🍔🌭🌮”

Diet hwaiting !! Unreasonable diets in preparation for the summer no no !! Happily and healthily with Lulu❤️Honestly .. Lulu has finally reached her target weight ㅎㅎ success

It’s important to get time during peak season to make something to eat, so Lulu has chosen a simple and easy meal 😚 Simply mix it with water, not milk, and when you drink it, you’ll feel the chewiness of the grain and the savory scent, it’s appropriately sweet !! It tastes good and it makes you feel good too ❤️❤️ Lulu drinks it in the morning for dinner, and at lunch, replaces any meal she’s want with it~~

Starting a peak season diet today !! Please look forward to the #Lunphabet peak season episode ! I’ll make it easy enough for anyone to follow #LuPDLuWriter

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