190424 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update

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@loewe 로에베로에베에~🌸

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[TRANS] 190423 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Healthy plyometric exercise 1 month-long program start😚❤️”

Healthy plyometric exercise 1 month-long program start😚❤️Bear, let’s got for it ! 🍭🍩🥞 @qwerwls95

Lately, Lulu is very interested in accessories and workout wear 😚 I’ll share pretty accessories and workout wear very soon, bye !


I’ve been chosen to play the role of Sophie in the musical I’ve been waiting and waiting for, Mamma Mia !! I wanted to tell you about it so bad.. I want to thank our MeU and those who have been waiting for it ! Please give it lots of love

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190423 f(Luna) = f(x) Official Instagram Update