190517 f(Amber) = With a Fan

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Enjoy this series of photos in which Amber Liu clowns me for crying… • But okay I saw Pentatonix tonight and that alone was amazing @ptxofficial you are amazing and Hallelujah made me cry. Like man you’re amazing!! Worth. Like so Worth. I have been following you since the beginning and couldn’t believe I was watching you perform live after years of watching you online!! Thank you for a great night. • To top off the night, I met my IDOL @ajol_llama. My friends and I were walking out of the Forum and they were like “is that Amber??” to which is when I immediately started hyperventilating and crying Bc if you know me you know how in love I am with Amber Liu. Hey we already have the same last name (劉)so like we’re meant to be. @ajol_llama I seriously love you so much I’m sorry I had no words and couldn’t compose myself. I THOUGHT I’m that fan that is chill when meeting their Idol but I guess I’m really not. Thank you for being so chill. You are so beautiful and kind and you have taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you. @ajol_llama, our 🦙. Please randomly run into me again and any concert whether another one out here or your own (which I will deff attend again) I will try not to cry. EDIT: Fun fact I wore this exact sweatshirt to Amber’s concert in December!!!

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