Luna The 1st Concert ‘Fragrance of Luna’ Set List

1. Breathe

2. My Medicine

3. 예쁜 소녀 (I Wish)

4. April 14 (Unreleased)

5. Night Reminiscin’

6. Don’t cry for me

7. I become better (Unreleased)


9. Mother

10. city of stars (+Jeon Sanggeun’s ‘You in My Dream’)

11. Red Light

12. NU ABO

13. LA chA TA

14. Diamond

15. Keep On Doin

16. Galaxy

17. Do You Love Me

18. Free Somebody

19. It Was Love

20. Flower (Unreleased)

21. Comfort Me (Unreleased)

22. Even So


23. 4 Walls

24. Hot Summer

25. All Mine

Unreleased songs info:

April 14: “Honestly, it’s a song about one of my own experiences. I chose my favorite date and made a song called April 14

I become better: “It’s a song I wrote about my wish to become a better person for everyone and for those I love”

Flower: “I feel like I can really show my real personality. My blood type is actually A. Even though it seems like I’m really bright and have lots of energy and strength, I actually cry a lot too. MeU, you know that, right? And I feel like I fought through it by trying hard to acting cheerful, ever since I was little. Therefore, like today’s concert’s ‘Fragrance of Luna’ title, I really wanted to show you my fragrance, my own self. It’s a song made to compare my other self, not Luna, who you see on stage, but the real Sunyoung, to flowers.

Comfort me: “There was a period during promotions when I had a really hard time. This is a song I wrote during those times and I hope it comforts everyone, even for a bit.”

Song list and descriptions from sep5th_fx

Trans by Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to Thanks.

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